Walsall Rugby Club is now equipped with a Bronze Defibrillator Package, courtesy of Hand on Heart Charity!


The charity donated the defibrillator to the Walsall Rugby Club in partnership with Oldbury Fire Station who will be providing free training to the club which has over 500 children and adults of various ages, this will educate them in basic life support and CPR skills. Having a defibrillator on the grounds and the correct knowledge behind defibrillators and CPR will ensure they are training and playing in a  Heart Safe environment and will benefit the local residents as well as the players and coaches. 

To say thanks for this generous donation, the Oldbury Fire Station and Walsall Rugby club will fundraise for Hand on Heart Charity to help raise awareness of SCA in the young and to promote the need for defibrillators across sports clubs and schools in the UK.