Hand on Heart Charity has a simple goal; to prevent the deaths of the 12 young people who die due to a sudden cardiac arrest each week.

Having operated as a campaign since March 2010, Hand on Heart became a fully registered charity (#1145316) in January 2012 and is more committed than ever to reducing the number of deaths of young people due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Our 3 aims are:-

To raise awareness of SCA in young people.

To provide or fund defibrillators for schools.

To educate young people about SCA and train them in Basic Life Support and to use defibrillators.


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Since January 2011 Hand on Heart has placed over 800 defibrillator packages to schools and communities across the UK. We have also trained over 5000 staff to use a defibrillator and taught over 17000 children how to perform on basic life support.


In the past year Hand on Heart Charity has developed in many ways, our regular features in publications and increasing success with creating Heart Safe environments has meant we've extended our team to help manage our continuing achievements. As well as this we have also increased our team of trustees to six, their responsibility lies in ensuring the charity achieves it's objectives and promoting the work of Hand on Heart through their position in society.  

We want to continue to educate schools in the importance of having a defibrillator on their premises, we achieve this through awareness days and also the support of our followers and companies who are passionate about Hand on Heart's goal help make Heart Safe communities through fundraising and donations to the cause.   

To see exactly how many schools we've made Heart Safe as a charity, please click here.