Our Ambassadors are just as passionate as we are when it comes to achieving our goals as a charity. Below show our honoured ambassadors who are responsible for ensuring Hand on Heart achieves its objectives and promoting our work through their position in society. If you think you, or someone you know, could act as an ambassador for Hand on Heart then please call the office on 0845 071 0822 and let us know how you'd like to help!

PADDY7369"Having spoken to the people involved and seeing first-hand the energy they inject into funding defibrillators and first aid training in schools is remarkable and what they're trying to achieve is truly inspiring. To be asked to be an ambassador for the charity was a real honour." Paddy McGuinness, Television Personality 







   "We need everyone to know how unpredictably sudden cardiac arrest can happen, so people need to give support as the next child you save could be your own." Chris Riley, Warrington Wolves 








gary keedy sq"I was already aware from being a physio therapist as to what difference in survival rate having a defibrillator on site can do however the statistics speak for themselves.  If we can raise awareness of Hand on Heart Charity and get a defibrillator in every school in the UK we can reduce these numbers and educate children in saving lives." Gary Keedy, Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.





 "270 children die each year in school due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, imagine how drastically this number will change if we get defibrillators into every school in the UK." Stuart Hooper, Bath Rugby